About Shari Hall

I'm Dr. Shari Hall (or "Mumma Shaz" as I am often referred to by my Aussie friends and family). I was born in Buffalo, NY in northeastern USA, and reside permanently on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of QLD Australia. From then until now, I have lived an extraordinarily blessed life, complete with ups and downs, pleasure and pain, successes and failures. For me, it's all about living a passionate life and helping people!

When I was a child, like all children, I had dreams…dreams of stardom, wealth, a family with children, and everlasting love.  I also had this burning desire to do good, and be influential in a positive way in the lives of all those with whom I would come in contact.  Many children do not have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.  Many grow into adults that feel their life is lacking purpose, or  has not lived up to their expectations.  But I can honestly say, despite my very humble beginnings, my parents did all they could to help me realise my dreams, because they helped me believe that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and consistent, directed focus on my goals.  It’s when I reminisce upon my mother’s life that I really get this – she was an amazingly strong woman who constantly strived for self-improvement, and she was a proponent of continuing education.  Even as she left this Earth, it was her last wish that “we” learn from her by a donation of her body to the Cleveland Clinic.

I am or have been all of the following and more:

Black and White

Rich and Poor

Married and Divorced

Fat and Thin

Employed and Fired

Entrepreneur and Centrelink Recipient

Sugar Addict and Vegetarian

Abused and Empowered

Doctor and Real Estate Agent

Sad and Blissfully Happy

Depressed and Truly Blessed!

Our life experiences are what they are... experiences we learn from, move on from, gain wisdom from, remember, and sometimes forget.

I love my life, even with all it's challenges! The Universe has a funny way of calling your attention to things left undone.  Yes, I have realized my childhood dreams – stardom – well, maybe not in the eyes of the world, but certainly in the eyes and ears of my children, who will repeatedly tell anyone who asks them, “who is your favorite singer?”,  that it’s “Mommy!”; wealth – well, maybe I’m not Bill Gates, but I own a beautiful home and have everything I  need, which is more than many can say;  a family with children – well, I have two amazing children and, while not perfect, my family is just the right family for me; and everlasting love – well, I may be a casualty of that dreaded statistic for the average American marriage, but I have learned that true everlasting love comes not from others, but from the love we have for ourselves, that comes from deep within, in that place that no one else can reach, except for our Creator of course, and I definitely have that…I love me.

Now it is time for me to build a bridge…from service to self and family to service to the world…so I am here for you.  It is my mission to help inspire you to discover the freedom and courage within to be your authentic self and live a happy, balanced, and joyful life!  It is my hope you will gain inspiration and motivation, knowledge and wisdom, entertainment and joy from our connection with each other.  Life is a journey and it’s hard going it alone.  I adore making new friends and sharing the lives of others.  And if by our encounter today I have somehow made your life better, then my mission is complete.


Love, Shari  


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